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Musée Henri-Martin

[Re]opened on May 6, 2022, after a long period of work, the Henri-Martin museum is available to the public with recreated volumes, elongated spaces, new perspectives opening onto the park. Created in 1833, the Henri-Martin museum brings together the collections acquired by the City. They extend from the Neolithic to the 21st century including important archaeological pieces, numerous paintings by artists from Quercy or even a unique collection around the figure of Léon Gambetta, a native of the city.

The museum has the most important public collection of the post-impressionist artist Henri Martin (1860-1943). The new design of the spaces makes it possible to deploy, in optimal conditions, its large sets: the Fenaison and the War memorial.

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Henri MARTIN, Le Berger et ses trois muses
Henri MARTIN, Labastide du Vert
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