Become friends of the museum

Become friends of the museum

Association of Friends of the Henri-Martin Museum

Created in 1996, the Association of Friends of the Henri-Martin Museum belongs to two federated networks: AMROC (Association of Friends of the Occitanie region) and FFSAM (French Federation of Societies of Friends of Museums). It brings together assiduous members who mobilize to animate the cultural life of the Cadurcien museum, raise public awareness of its cultural programming, contribute to the enhancement of its collections and promote its exhibitions.

The association promotes the museum on the territory and beyond. It participates in exchanges of cultural experience within regional and national networks. Through sponsorship actions, the Friends of the Henri-Martin Museum contribute to projects for the restoration and acquisition of works and cultural property, thus contributing to the enrichment of the collections.

Throughout the year, the association organizes :

  • Cultural trips linked to the annual theme: Vienna, London…
  • Discovery tours of museums or temporary exhibitions throughout France
  • Cycles of art history courses
  • Conferences on various themes such as women painters, architecture or Japanism.

Meetings with artists. If you wish to join the association, do not hesitate to send an email to asso.amhm@gmail.com