The museum team


Who does what ?

Conservation :

  • Rachel Amalric, director
  • Sabine Maggiani, Head of Collections
  • Marie-Anne Rico, documentalist
  • Éric Sergent, production team leader
  • Estelle Blanchon, stage manager
  • Manon Sahad, stage manager
  • Alexandre Tornel, stage manager

Public :

  • Manon Gaquerel, cultural mediator

General secretariat, reception and maintenance :

  • Magdalena Orsini-Bryla, administrative and financial manager
  • Chloé Saur, reception team leader
  • Edith Desprat, receptionist
  • Josette Oliva, receptionist
  • Delphine Gilgen, maintenance team leader
  • Christopher Barrière, maintenance agent
  • Romain Kauffmann, maintenance agent

Communication :

  • Annette Castel-Gay, deputy director of communication City of Cahors and Grand Cahors